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A true hollow metal, honeycomb cored door with continuous piano hinge

Hadrian standard EMPEROR locker door has exceptional flex-proof strength, rigidity, impressive impact resistance and silence when closing. It is a true hollow metal door, with a double pan box design a full one inch thick. One inch cell honeycomb core is bonded to the inner surfaces of the door fits front and back panels. This safegards the integrity of the flat surface against blows, and deadens the sound when the door is closed. Additional door strength is acheived by the use of a full length continuous piano hinge. Standard door construction has a 20 gauge outer panel weilded to a 24 gauge inner panel. For installation subject to extreme abuse requiring additional strength, an optional door with a 16 gauge outer panel is available. The performance is quiet, sure and smooth. The locker is unsurpassed for durability and maintenance-free service.

Single point latching
Hadrian exceptionally strong door permits single point, reduced maintenance latching. Two basic types are offered, both suitable for use with or without pad-locks or with built in locks. Shown on the left is the standard economy friction latch without any moving parts, for very low maintenance. Also available, shown on the right, is a positive single point spring latch that secures firmly when the door is closed. In both applications the lock asp is located within a recessed lock pocket below a recessed number plate. The locker face is clean and uncluttered.

Unobstructed ventilation
EMPEROR lockers have louvers cut into the top and bottom face of the vertical steel frame members. This creates low ventilation channels that defy blockage. The vents are unobstructive but effective. Air is allowed to circulate on two sides along the entire height of the locker. The clean, simple face of the unit is preserved. Additionally, perforations in the shelf, top and bottom make air circulation even more efficient.

Baked on powder coated finish exceeds the performance of all liquid coatings

Hadrian fits hybrid epoxy powder coating has unsurpassed resistance to abrasion, chemicals, detergents and acids. The surface is hard, with an even, run-free finish. Sheared edges are coated, protecting installers and end users from hazardous sharp edges. Long lasting apparance and function is ensured with this exceptionally maintenance-free coating. EMPEROR lockers have a black frame, standard and there is no up-charge for any two colors of your choice, from a large selection of standard colors, two of which are textured, extra scratch and graffiti resistant. In addition there are three special vein-textured finishs providing extra-enhanced protection from vandalism and other defacement. An accurare color chart is available showing the latest designer colors.

Heavy-duty coat hooks, coat rods & bottom shelf support

Emperor locker tops, hat shelves and bottom shelves are identically formed, interchangeable 22 gauge rigid boxes. Installation is simplified and their strength is equal. As a bottom shelf application the design fits over and around the full width of the lintel, for extra support. On the underside of the hat shelf, firmly secured in place with two fasteners and three single prongs, chrome plated steel coat hooks. Optional is a heavy-duty, chrome plated, 1 in O.D. steel coat rod with stainless steel brackets.

Solid no holes locker back

After assembly, Hadrian fits locker back is clean, without unsightly holes. Free standing lockers have a presentable appearance and the back can be painted to match the front.

Options : for all applications and environments

Sloping top : The angle of the top serves to prevent the accumulation of dust. It is also aesthetically pleasing.
Individual inbox in base provides extra strength, height, (3 1/2 in) and toe space (1 3/4 in) for protection against damage from cleaning. For high moisture areas the base as well as the entire locker is available in galvanized steel.

Top/Side trim : For recessed applications this trim, for side and top gaps installs easily. Its flat surface blends with the lockers and has an attractive appearance.

Plenum panels : Another trim for lockers installed between walls are Plenum panels that fit into U-channels, flush with the locker face (height to suit conditions).

Locker Benches : Available in 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft,7 ft, 8 ft 10 ft, 12 ft (8 ft. 10 ft and 12 ft have three pedestals). Solid hardwood seat, urethane coated (1-1/4 in X 9-1/2 in X length). Supplied with floor anchors for stationary attachment (pedestal is pre-drilled), or rubber levelling glides for moveable installation. Pedestals are 1/4 in X 3 in aluminium bar, 12-1/2 in at widest. Total height 16-1/2 in. Pedestals are painted to match decor.

EMPEROR Lockers Systems

EMPEROR lockers are unsurpassed as the quality choice for your project. They incorporate all the premium features presented above. Choose the system that you require, from individual units to multi-bank and multi-tiered assemblies. And customize with many locking and other options available.

Illustrated is Hadrian << Bobby Box >> the in special purpose in divided locker that has become the new standard for Police Departments. Special features include a gun drawer with a full extension slide (key lock optional), a belt hook, a stainless steel mirror and a Night Stick receptacle. Hadrian fits special purpose, multi-compartment lockers, are supplied wherever soiled and clean clothes must share one unit and effective ventilation is a necessity. Typical applications are for the Meat Packing industry, Foundries, Restaurants, Hotels, etc. They are available in 21 in and 24 in widths, or two 18 in single door units.

Gladiator Athletic Locker

Super strong, super ventilated, super quiet! For detailed material and construction please click here

Double pan box door strength: Hadrian fits one inch thick, outer and inner panel door has 1/2 in X 1 in oval perforations for maximum ventilation. A 16 gauge outer panel is welded to an 18 gauge inner panel for a door with unsurpassed strength.

Silence Zone (1,2,3 tier doors) : Sound deadening. 1 in cell honeycomb core is placed within and bonded to the panels in the single point latching zone, for silence when closing.

Extra strong continuous hinge : a 16 gauge door length piano hinge for super performance and toughness.

Full side ventilation : Fully perforated 16 gauge sides, standard. Exposed ends in locker bank my be ordered as solid or perforated.

Heavy duty custom options : 16 gauge sloping top assembly, gusset and supports 18 gauge box bases. 1 in O.D. chrome plated die-cast brackets.

Hadrian GLADIATOR open front hockey locker...
Nagano 1st choice!

Supplied for the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, hockey players from around the world suited up in Hadrian fts version of the open front hockey locker, chosen for its rugged quality and aesthetic appeal.

Specifications : 16 gauge welded frame; 14 gauge side with 1/2 in X 1 in oval perforations; 16 gauge back; top and shelf; 16 gauge galvanneal bottom; hardwood seat with 11 gauge support angles; minimum 6 single prong coat hooks. Available in 24 in and 32 in wide. 18 in, 21 in and 24 in deep; 72 in heigth.


  • Lockable security compartment
  • Stainless steel mirror (9 in X 12 in)
  • Black rubber floor mat skate protector
  • Double-prong coat hooks
  • Extra single-prong coat hooks
  • Card holder